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Watch The Seasons Unfold During Zabriskie Pond Drone Flyover [video]

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love messing around with technology.

Drones were an obvious draw for someone like me, but flying them was only part of the fun.  I loved seeing the images captured from a new and interesting perspective and was immediately sucked into aerial video and photography,  spending money on improved cameras and gimbals (think Steadicam for your drone) to my drones.

Initially I was just upgrading store bought drones.  But about two years ago I started building drones using open source technology.  As an ex-programmer I was delighted to discover that the first drone I built had the ability to upload programs (called “missions”) which allowed it to fly automated routes in the sky.  Not only could I tell it where to fly (each waypoint being a location and altitude), but also where to focus the camera while traveling from one place to another.  I’m a good remote pilot but the missions produced beautifully smooth footage that was better than I could manage flying manually, and could it could do it perfectly every time.



I live on Zabriskie pond and love watching the seasons change and I was immediately struck with the notion that I could fly around the pond, capturing the same video over a period of a year, and edit it together in a time lapse video.   I had no idea HOW to edit a time laps video, but I figured I had time to learn as it was going to take a while to capture the necessary number of flights.  It actually took longer than I expected each time I upgraded my equipment I became dissatisfied with the previous footage.

Finally, after nearly two years of shooting, I had enough footage to put together the film I had imagined.  I hope you like it!