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Backyard Transformation Time-lapse

In 2016 I finished a year-long project to create a video showing a time-lapse of the seasons at Zabriskie Pond in Wyckoff.  That video led to discussions with my favorite client about creating a time-lapse of a major renovation that they were about to embark on. As this was a new proposition we agreed up front […]

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A New Jersey Gem

People that don’t live in New Jersey are often unaware of the beauty that exists here. There’s a reason it’s called The Garden State, and the work performed by Borst Landscape and Design on this home in northern New Jersey makes the point beautifully!   I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this one.  

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Hiring a hobbyist? You might be committing a federal crime.

If someone willingly hires someone to fly a drone who they know is not licensed to operate a drone commercially, could they found legally liable for operating a drone commercially without holding an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate? The answer is a qualified yes, and it’s a federal crime punishable by a fine of up to […]

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360 Virtual Tours Are Here!

Looking for new and innovative ways to show a place? The new 360 virtual tours seem to be just the ticket! Check out the virtual tour we just put together of a beautiful old house for sale right on Zabriskie pond – my favorite location for trying out new photo techniques. Click on the picture below to […]

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Avios Standard Aerial Shots

Standard aerial shots area a great way to be sure your clients get something fantastic! While every shoot is different these are some shots you should consider when visualizing your job. For me the fun is figuring out how to create something wonderful for my clients.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than when I get a call telling me how […]

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360 Virtual Tours Now Available!

Do you have a space you want to show off? Then a 360 virtual tour is the way to go! Realtors  Create a 360 tour at your next open house and you’ll only have to get the house ready once. Then share it with everyone near and far. Take a look at a small sample and […]

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