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Avios Flightschool – Beginner to Advanced Hands On Courses

Jet Pilot Learns sUAS

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly known as drones, are no longer limited to military applications, and the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) by hobbyists, law enforcement, and corporations is growing every day.

As the capabilities for these amazing machines continue to expand that translates into a critical, growing need for properly trained pilots.

Whether you are flying for pleasure, to expand your photography options or commercially there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

All trainers are FAA Certified under Part 107 as Commercial sUAS pilots and we provide hands on coaching from the basics to advanced techniques for capturing amazing aerial video.

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Core Courses Special (best value) Specialty Courses
$125 Per Hour $250 for 3 Hours Call for pricing


Level 1 – Basic

Level 2 – Intermediate

Level 3 – Advanced

•  Getting to know your sUAS

•  General Settings

•  Pre-Flight Preparations

•  Emergency Procedures

•  sUAS and The Law

•  Registration

•  Part 101 vs Part 107

•  Key Restrictions

•  Control Sticks

•  Basic Flight Modes

•  Take Off!

•  Beginner Exercises for you

•  Landing

•  Flight App Features – In Flight View

•  Intermediate Exercises

•  Basic Camera Settings

•  Return to Home

•  Specialty Flight Modes (aircraft dependent)

•  Course Lock

•  Home Lock

•  Cinematic Shots

•  Orbit

•  Point of Interest Tracking

•  Flyby

•  Forward and Backward Reveal

•  Trucking Shot

•  Crane Shot

•  Understanding Airspace

•  Advanced Exercises

•  Advanced Camera Settings

•  Mission Planning (aircraft dependant)

•  Reading Sectional Charts

•  Commercial Flying (Part 107)

•  Flying Without Assistance (no GPS)

•  Advanced Cinematic Shots

•  360 Panoramic Pictures

•  Creating Large Format Panoramas

•  Focus Shot

•  Aircraft Maintenance

•  Landing on Boats (hand catch)

Courses are all one on one and include theory and actual flight time.  

Don’t have an sUAS yet or worried that you will crash yours?  Use one of ours for an additional $35 per hour!

How many ? Don’t ask.

Other / Specialty Courses (contact us for prices)

•  Introductory lesson – Learn how to set up, take off and land safely.  1/2 Hour – $49pp

•  DJI Specialty Features  (Phantom and Inspire Series)

•  Aerial / 3D Mapping

•  Specialty Software (Litchi, AutoPilot, Drone Deploy, Pix4D Mapper, PTGui, DaVinci Resolve)

•  Building Drones

•  Classroom Instruction

•  Video Editing